Here is a speed calculator that can be used for quick calculations of time/km, time/10 km, m/s og km/h, as well as calculations of average speeds. The server logs show that this is still very popular.

A current project is We have huge ambitions that this should be one of Norway's most innovative and unique web shops.

Part of the motivation for starting was the experiences from starting based on self-developed code at a previous employer in 2013, as well as the experiences afterwards of working with well-known ecommerce platforms provided by leading Norwegian suppliers.

The experience showed that the rate of development and the degree of innovation were much higher, and the costs were much lower, with the self-developed solution. We were able to achieve a number of things in a short time with it, which turned out to be extremely expensive, time-consuming or impossible to achieve with the other ecommerce platforms.

Incidentally, the online store we developed in 2013 was the first online store I know of that was developed as a Single Page Application (SPA). I don't know of any other online store that was created as a SPA after it, until was launched in 2018. After 2021, a number of online stores have been launched or relaunched as SPAs.

Here you can read more about the technologies used in our online store (in Norwegian).

For a long time there has been some games that I made a long time ago here on The games were made to function optimally in the Nintendo DS Lite Browser that was developed by the Norwegian company Opera Software. Here you can play these games for Nintendo DS Lite Browser.

Now you also find much improved versions of some of the same games well hidden on The new versions are much more suited for desktop or mobile. Try the Konami code, or touch and hold long enogh on the first character in the logo at the top of that web site, if you want to find them.

The Othello game included among these, has great playing power. The game engine consists only of a few lines of regular javascript code that I wrote many years ago. It plays with great variability in the opening game, which means that it sometimes plays bad openings. It also lacks specific code to solve the endgame optimally. Still it appears like it's one of the strongest online Othello games on the internet.

I've made a few apps over the years. Most have been internal apps that have been used in the companies I've worked for, but here is a very nice promo video for the only app I've ever made for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Thanks to the very talented people who made this nice promo video.

For a period in 2013, the app was number two in the Food & Drink category in the Norwegian App Store.