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Games for the Nintendo DS Lite Browser

These games were made to function optimally in the Nintendo DS Lite Browser that was developed by the Norwegian company Opera Software. They were fully optimized for that, and are not well suited either for desktop or mobile.

Feel free to test them anyway. Just select your game from one of the Nintendo DS Lite screens above and you'll be able to play the game almost exactly as it worked on the Nintendo DS Lite. You might want to zoom in on the top Nintendo DS screen while playing.

The reason I even had a Nintendo DS Lite, was because I won it after making this widget for the Opera browser.

Now you also find much improved versions of some of the same games well hidden on enil.no. The new versions are much more suited for desktop or mobile. Try the Konami code, or touch and hold long enogh on the first character in the logo at the top of that web site, if you want to find them.

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